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Introducing Open ZFS based Pienda Storage

PiendaNAS – Network attached storage at 30-8000TB

PiendaSAN – Storage area lun’s for 1-8000 TB

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ZFS’s  best features are checksumming of every block written so you can never have corrupt data and replication. Pienda Storage is built on top of OpenZFS and designed specifically for archive and backup. Long term storage needs.

Enterprise-Ready Opensource SAN/NAS

Create NAS or SAN systems with high-end enterprise class features. We will walk you through the process.

  • DIY NAS or SAN
    • We are hardware agnostic
    • We can help you decide on a software/systems build for your needs and growth
    • Give you a bill of materials to buy
    • Or we can recommend a vendor

We offer design, build, training and support for openzfs platforms. Omni, FreeBSD, Ubuntu, FreeNAS or Napp-it.

Thinking of giving it a try?? We provide a 1 hour complimentary consultation. For a free initial consultation contact info@kateleyco.com



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