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Now offering support contracts!

Kateley Company is now offering support for several most popular free and opensource openzfs distros. We have a worldwide support team to offer 8/5 support in US timezones. Looking to extend to 7/24 in the upcoming year.

Click here for more details – Support

We offer support packages from email only to 2 hour response. We have found it is hard to be on your own while using free products so let us be there for you!

Enterprise-Ready Opensource SAN/NAS

Create NAS or SAN systems that cost $100’s a TB instead of $1000’s, with high-end enterprise class features. We will walk you through the process build “Just in time” NAS or SAN. We regularly build platforms of 1 petabyte for $100k

We are hardware agnostic. We can help you decide on a software/systems build for your needs and growth, then give you a bill of materials to buy. Or recommend a vendor.

We provide design, build, training and support for openzfs platforms. Omni, FreeBSD, Ubuntu, FreeNAS or Napp-it.

Instead of spending dollars on marketing we provide a 1 hour free consultation. For a free initial consultation contact info@kateleyco.com



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