Live Online Training

Build enterprise NAS/SAN out of commodity components.

Get the knowledge you need in order to run these systems or let us build it for you

Class offerings – Most packages are 12-16 hours. All classes are taught live and online.

Storage Classes

All of our classes strive to give the student the shortest path to learning. We will help you pick the right hardware, install and setup, and maintain your system over time.

System Administration 

Most unixes are similar but they are different in some key features. We offer classes in Solaris, FreeBSD or Ubuntu/Debian system administration. Topics include boot process, installing software, networking, virtualization and system monitoring commands which differ on the different platforms

Custom Classes

Most of the customers we deal with have system admins, but they might not be educated in key administrative classes necessary to build a robust NAS or SAN. We develop packages to build the right training for an individual or a team. We also can do on-site training.

Intro Classes


Learn what you need — When you need it

We understand that most classes don’t offer the content that is needed when it is needed. Technical classes tend to be multiple days and feel endless. You are forced to learn topics that you may not need. Googling keywords can lead to subjective, contradictory and endless materials. Video training becomes outdated quickly and doesn’t allow for questions.

Our classes are designed to be small, topic based, live and online. All classes are 3-4 hours in length. We want to save you wasted hours of reading blogs and documents that are probably written by people who have never done the work.

Our team is small and agile. If you have more that 1 student on a subject, we can develop a custom curriculum/schedule, almost on demand. Ask about student and non-profit discounts.

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