FreeNAS Certification Training

FreeNAS is a free and open source browser based GUI to that make it easy to take a bunch of disks and turn it into an Enterprise NAS system. It leverages and tunes for OpenZFS. But there are hundreds of “recipes”. Learn how to build for commercial use.

In these classes you will learn all topics necessary to build and run an enterprise deployment of FreeNAS. Purchase includes all 4 classes.

  • FreeNAS Admin Understand system and storage administration. Create and maintain pools and disks.
  • Replication and Sharing – Learn how to setup and maintain replication and snapshots. Share using cifs, afp, nfs and iscsi.
  • Architecture and Performance – Design systems for several use cases. Understand and monitor write log and read cache. Learn keys to quality performance.
  • Advanced Admin – Setup advanced networking. Learn how to deploy jails. Learn debug commands. Understand using active directory for authentication.

Viewing Intro to FreeNAS is a prerequisite. Click to view a replay.