Open-ZFS System Design

Linda Kateley has taught 1000’s of companies how to build quality systems for NAS or SAN using most of the OpenZFS softwares and products. She has been doing this for more than 10 years. This class teaches what components lead to good design dependent on workload. This class teaches to tools to analyze a workload and adapt to it.

Also she explains myths and legends of system design. Software evolves and a number of good practices change as the code gets better.

This class is first Tuesday of every month. Class is apx 4 hours.

Class includes

Defining workload

Designing for iops or bandwidth

Building systems for workloads including systems for:

  • Video Editing
  • Backup and Archive
  • Workgroup cifs servers
  • Systems for storage for Virtualization Including xen/kvm, vmware and hyper-v

Prerequisites: Understanding of zfs. Knowledge of basic pool design, vdevs. Basic understanding of arc and zil.

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System Design