Open-ZFS Classes

Try googling zfs, you will get about 10 million results. Most of the links are stale, while our classes are live and we keep up with all of the changes so you don’t have to..

Class offerings:

  • Open ZFS Architecture¬†– Learn elements of good architecture. Learn how to design large scale storage systems based on use case.
  • Open ZFS Basics – ZFS storage basics. Also check sidebar for free videos
  • Open ZFS Replication and Sharing – Deep dive into replication tools and sharing utilities
  • Open ZFS Performance¬†– Learn key elements to design and tune for optimal performance.
  • Open-ZFS Masters Classes – Get an understanding of zfs internals. This class is currently in beta. Contact if you would like to attend a beta class.

Pick your distro of choice to learn on…

We specialize in large scale HPC, large file(m&e) and virtualized workloads.

Pick 3 or 4. We will contact you for scheduling after purchase.

OpenZFS Classes