Brave new start

After years of thinking I would have my own business again, here I am. I ran my own contract engineering company in the 80’s and have always thought I would do it again. There are many things I wanted to offer to my customers while I was at Sun but wasn’t really allowed to, in the position I was in. I was able to offer customers updates, but I was never able to teach. I always believed that Solaris would be expanded if we could offer good short training. While I was at Sun, me and my marketing friend had to sneak around and organize bootcamps. They ended up being a great success. We had 10’s of thousands of attendees and really helped to expand the reach of Solaris. I want this business to be an expansion of the bootcamp.

Most classes that are offered are days or weeks long. Most of the people who want to learn don’t have days or weeks.. they have hours and minutes. So I am offering Solaris/Opensolaris training classes which are small and moduler. 2-3 hours max. People can pick the topics they want to learn, not what I think they should know. All topics are ala carte!

I am starting with ZFS as it is really necessary. There are so many companies out there trying to take the complexity out of ZFS, but it isn’t complex. If you give me a couple hours, I can teach you all you need to know to get started.

ZFS currently has the largest reach so I will start here. I am also breaking it up into small “bite sized” classes. My current plan to offer each class several times a month, so you can take them when your schedule dictates, not just when they are offered. I am dedicated to giving a personal experience. Make sure you know you can ask questions and be able to get answers as you start working with the product. All classes include the ability to email me for as long as it takes 🙂

I know there are thousands of pieces of collateral out there written on these topics, but getting through 10’s of thousands of items can take time. I have condensed and simplified the info.