I love big systems!!

I really love watching what zfs can do with lots of data. I am just in the process of building and deploying 2 .5 petabyte usable boxes that should scale to multiple petabytes each. I personally haven’t installed more than 2 PB yet.. but have met people who have.

A couple weeks ago I did a small training at surge on OmniOS. I met a guy there who has 4 PB of not archive data, but active data. All of my big systems have been archive/backup so far.. but am dying to get my hands on really active large scale data. I have some big M&E systems I have been quoting so I hope one of them pops. Just thinking about it makes me feel like a teenager.

These 500TB boxes came in at about $50K each. About the same price as 100TB box from any vendor. C’mon zfs.. Do me proud.