Introducing Pienda Storage

In the last 13 years I have watched a ton of companies make money off the greatness of ZFS. The thing that always bothers me about it, is that they almost all forget that it is the greatness of ZFS and not them that is creating this wealth. I have worked with a number of them and there is an arrogance that permeates that makes me sad.

So, we are officially launching a set of storage appliances called our Pienda line. We will have PiendaNAS and PiendaSAN. We are going to target a sweet spot for ZFS which is backup and archive. Checksumming and replication makes ZFS the only filesystem to trust for archive or any long term storage.

We will be competing with a couple dozen other vendors out there, but our difference is we will pledge from day one to always make sure the community and the inventors are recognized and we will donate 10% of our profit back into the community.