Less than $100 a TB, for a Open-ZFS Petabyte raw solution!

Wow, I recently visited Univ of Minnesota’s Physics IT Department. They have been using Open-ZFS on FreeBSD for more than 6 years, and are confident enough to build a new larger system. They started by building several backup servers of 10’s of TB in size. This department is tier 3 provider for CERN data. They have 100’s of users  accessing high-energy-physics data, day and night. The next system they built was serving up this data over NFS to physicists for all over the region. This current system is 1 Dell R720 with 64GB RAM, with 1 10gbe, connected to 4-45 drive chassis, daisy chained capacity 520TB raw 420 usable. On these systems they push 4.5 gb/sec regularly and they have been in place for several years with no real problems.

The new system they are building is built a little more resilient. They can have scheduled and unscheduled downtime without complaints. The new system they are building has a 2 Dell R720 head nodes with 128GB ram, each with 2 10gbe. They will have 252 4TB drives in 6 45-drive chassis with multiple controllers. The total raw space will be over 1.1 PB. They hope to have a little over 750TB of usable space. The killer fact is these guys are great at shopping. They are going to buy the whole thing for just a little over $70k. The power of Open-ZFS and open source.

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