How much storage do you need?

How many users?

What are using your storage for?


For over 10 years now people have been asking us.. How do I build a zfs system? There are so many decisions and questions that need to be answered to pick the right solutions. Our team examines and tests many aspects and combinations to pick what’s right for you.

We scrub the internet for the best of breed and controversial recommendations, to find the truth behind the blog. Anytime we read something can’t be done, we find out exactly why.

We are in business because we believe the small/medium companies should have access to all of the resources the big companies do.

We can assist you in all phases of your project. Sizing, planning, hardware purchase, software acquisition, installation, implementation, training, support and monitoring or migrating. There are many 100’s of  storage solutions, We can help figure out the right solution for you!

We can help design and build solutions for any need.  For a free architectural analysis contact us at

Let us prepare an estimate for openstorage!