Consulting Products

Most of the customers we work with just need a little hand now and again. We have a broad array of packaged solutions. Most customers already have hardware or are planning expansion. Let us help.

We can provide consulting services on any of the open platforms. Consulting products we regularly sell are:

  • Open-ZFS Systems Review
    • Have you already setup a zfs system? Doesn’t matter if it is FreeNAS, Omni or Ubuntu. We can access and review.
  • Systems Install and Setup
    • We can install and setup in a very short amount of time. We don’t care where you are in world as long as you can provide an admin or access.
  • Hardware Planning
    • Don’t know what to buy?
  • Data Architecture and Planning
    • The key to good enterprise NAS is making sure all the data is readable by the right people.
    • May require longer engagement depending on organization size

Many of our customers want to use open source, but they don’t want to do it alone. Let us help you utilize the best practices and feel comfortable in your design. We have done this 100’s of times and know in most cases it will take our team a short time to review your workload and know what to watch out for. You can spend 100’s of hours googling but still not know which blog is right.

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Consulting Packages