Content Development & Delivery

We are working with a number of startups and small businesses to deliver technical training. Small organizations often don’t have the cycles or personnel to focus on the creation and delivery of quality training. All companies understand how important it is that customers have deep knowledge of their products. We have decades of content development and delivery experience to make high quality training experience. We also have the focus to make your company feel like our only customer.

We can create your content, use your logo’s and branding, and make your training scheduling and delivery seemless. We specialize in opensource products, but can discuss most product, sales or support technical training.

We also can produce how-to video demos’ or selfpaced training.

All classes we offer can be rebranded and adapted to fit your business.

We understand that most classes don’t offer the content that is needed when it is needed. Technical classes tend to be multiple days and contain multiple subjects. You are forced to learn topics that you may or may not need in multiple day classes. Googling keywords can lead to subjective, contradictory and endless materials. Video training doesn’t allow for questions and deep understanding.

Our classes are designed to be small, topic based, live and online. All classes are offered on a regular basis, so you don’t have to wait to get what you need. All classes are 2-3 hours in length and have a robust learning environment. We are dedicated to saving you endless hours of gathering info and quickly giving you the exact information needed to get your job done. We offer our classes often and our flexible schedule allows you to pick and choose materials and topics, as needed and if needed. Take classes as needed and gain expertise nearly on-demand.

Adult learners assimilate knowledge best if information is given in regular intervals and for not more than a few hours. Our classes are offered ala carte and you can pick and choose between topics.

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