FreeNAS Certification Testing

To schedule a test email to, You will be required to have a system which you can share your screen and show competency. Testing is done the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month. Webex is the preferred platform, but we can arrange other tools if necessary. Testing is only available to students who have completed the training.

You will be tested on your knowledge:

  • Systems Admin – 75 Points
    • Setting up notifications
    • Running Upgrade
    • Creating Users and Groups
  • Storage Admin – 250 points
    • Creating pools/volume
    • Adding additional capacity
    • Replacing disks
    • Creating datasets/zvol, setting permissions
  • Replication – 85 points
    • Creating Snapshots, Manually and Automatically
    • Creating new datasets from snapshots
    • Replication/Send
  • Sharing- 80 points
    • NFS
    • CIFS
    • iSCSI
    • AFP
  • Architecture and performance tools/commands – 30 points
    • Understand the architectural process
    • Limits to architecture
    • Questions to gather requirements
    • Architectural metrics/workloads
    • ZFS caching commands
  • Advanced Admin – 100 points
    • Setup interop with Active Directory
    • Tools for Monitoring/Debug
    • ZFS command line
    • Network Admin

Total points 620 – 465 needed to pass

You will be required to download and import this virtual box appliance into virtualbox. You will be asked to show competencies during the test by screen sharing on webex, skype or

Root password is fr33nas

Kateley Company developed and deployed FreeNAS certification program.