Interesting links

We are starting this list of great links. We will add to it in the future. What got me started was this excellent blog on the differences between omni/napp-it vs freenas.

FreeNAS vs. OmniOS / Napp-It

But it got us thinking that there maybe others people would like to see what we read…

We read anything/everything about openzfs by…

Matt Ahrens, George Wilson, Brendan Gregg, Adam Leventhal. Also Bonwick, Mckusick. Are interested in things said by Dan Mcdonald, Eric Sproul and Ben Rockwood. Occasionally Roch Bourbonnais(oracle zfs). And of course Gea. – the videos from developer summit are very very good. – this is a must read for anyone designing an openzfs system. Throw away all your other bookmarks.

Anything blogs the zfs developers at Delphix