Open-ZFS BootCamp

We have taken our Open-ZFS Bootcamp and broken it down into small video bites, so you don’t have to sit through a 90 minute video to just learn one or two things.. The entire bootcamp is also available at bottom of this list.

The topics are in order:

Intro to Open-ZFS Bootcamp : 8:29

This is an introduction to the class including; Agenda, Open-ZFS concepts and terminology, understanding of history and challenges.

Pools and Datasets : 18:33

This module gets you started with open-zfs. Gives you a good understanding of what is a pool and what is a dataset and allows you to create them on the command line.

Open-ZFS Administration : 22:12

This module goes over the commands used for disk and dataset administration including how to replace disks and set quotas.

Building out Hybrid Storage : 14:12

This module discusses how open-zfs enables hybrid storage using ssd/flash.

Self-Healing : 8:45

This module discusses how open-zfs can provide data integrity.

Snapshots and Clones : 8:10

This module shows you how to create snapshots and clone using open-zfs.

Replication : 9:39

This module shows how to replicate open-zfs snapshots across distros.

Open-ZFS Bootcamp : 1:42:27

This is the entire bootcamp including all modules.