The primary reason I do my training in the methodology I use, is that I hate long technical training. I think alot of technical people, especially system admins have a little ADD. I know I do. I like to learn things in smaller chunks. I like to learn a little, work a little, learn a little… an so on. I am always thinking about 5 things at once.

In my career I have sat through probably a few years worth of week long training. I used to teach 5 day classes for SunED, and it is bruttal. By the last day, there is no more room in my brain buffers, but you still have to pay for day 5. At SunED a lot of classes were the most complicated topics on that last day.

Also, I hate that you have learn things you may never use. I taught 1000’s of people how to configure NIS+. If you look at Oracle’s ZFS class you will see they force you to learn about Pillar after paying $2500.

I like my small classes.. short 2-3 hours.. come back and take more of what you need.