Where are the virtual network companies?

So I was just reading an article about Nicira. Building networks in software and this was so amazing, brilliant and forward thinking. Just like with openstorage, the cost of network gear is severe. If you can build your own secure networks with the cost of server hardware only. Just like all the new ideas in IT, it seems like I have already done that, at SUN. My first vdi i used was in 1992, with diskless workstations. Move from system to system and have the same desktop whereever you logged in. The list of current trends of things we did years ago, is endless.

So why aren’t there more startups using illumos to build network gear? There are a ton of them out there using it for zfs. The networking stuff is just as cool. I can create 1000’s of vnics on top of physical nics.  One of my first admin jobs was to maintain the routers. They were just little sun boxes running sun0S 4x. Now today I have this massively robust virtual network stack in solaris and illumos. I could build one heck of a router :).

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