I have had several people ask me “why are you doing this??” Well the answers are multiple. The best answer is, I am good at it. I also really have a passion for Solaris. Love it. I don’t want to do admin work anymore. I do want to teach. I don’t like the way the oracle university classes are formatted. I want people to be able to learn just what they need/want to learn.

I am starting with ZFS because it is the most innovative filesystem around. There are a ton of companies taking advantage of open source zfs through illumos. You can take commodity storage and servers and turn it into enterprise storage. When you look at enterprise arrays like emc or netapps, most of the cost is the enterprise features like snapshot, thin provisioning and checksums. ZFS has that stuff in it. Just builtin. But because of the opensource nature, there is no one teaching it. I can do that. I hope I fill a niche.

I feel that not being aligned with any company, I can just teach the features. I don’t need to “spin” things a certain way to align to a product set. I can just teach.

I am going live on July 15th. We will see.